Every time a bell rings…

During the entire month of December, bells are ringing everywhere. On your home decorations Surely you have something in your house that jingles when you put up your holiday decorations. Maybe it is an ornament for your tree. Maybe it is a bell hanging on your front door. Perhaps what is jingling in your home […]

Self Reflection Survey

Time to start sharing about yourselves! Email courtney.define.perfect@gmail.com. For data collection purposes, I am requesting that as many people as possible fill out this survey. It takes one minute and you will be contributing to results that I will post in about a month! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DJC7SRJ Share the survey link on your Facebook and Twitter! 🙂 […]

One compliment per person per day.

My intention is to get people involved with something that will make them feel more positive about themselves. Not everyone who has bad days needs to be part of a rehab center or some sort of online group that sends them encouraging and cheesy emails… I want people to see the cheesiness for themselves, in […]