One compliment per person per day.

My intention is to get people involved with something that will make them feel more positive about themselves.

Not everyone who has bad days needs to be part of a rehab center or some sort of online group that sends them encouraging and cheesy emails… I want people to see the cheesiness for themselves, in real life.

The goal: That everyone receives a compliment every day.

Why? Because stress is a big deal in everyday life for EVERYone and there is a constant pressure for people to feel perfect. So rather than wait for everyone to change themselves into perfection, perfection should be redefined to fit everyone’s needs.

I really want this to happen. And I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of this falling flat and there being no way of measuring the success of this effort of “one compliment a day.”

The way that I have come up with for measuring success is through the hashtag “defineperfect” on Instagram and Twitter.  It is the most convenient way to spread the happiness and it is very simple. You are already willing to take a picture of your breakfast and post it, you can take a picture of your best friend or your favorite thinking place with the caption “this is how I #defineperfect.” What makes you smile? Post about that. If you thought of something immediately, that’s what you need to be tweeting about it in the next 5 minutes. Give the #ifollowback a rest and do something that appears shallow on the surface but you intend to be deeper.

This is meant for literally everyone, in every demographic. Girls and boys. Young and old.

There will be more specific goals to come. Let someone know they are valuable to you, and don’t be so concerned with the response or how you come off.


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