Commemorative Girl Scout Coin release


On Thursday February 28th, I had the amazing privilege to attend a breakfast for the unveiling of the Girl Scout commemorative coin. The coin celebrates 100 years of Girl Scouting (began in 1912) and was a big deal because it is the first coin the U.S. mint had ever made for a girls’ organization.

I was one person in crowd of names that were there. The U.S. Treasurer, Rosie Rios, was there for example, and if you pull out a dollar bill right now her signature should be the one on the left unless it is an old one. There were also countless representatives (the females were inducted into the honorary Troop Capitol Hill), national Girl Scout administrators, and a few Chiefs of Staff for Senators. Why was I there? “There would be no Girl Scouts without… well, Girl Scouts” was the joke during our briefing on Wednesday night about the next day’s activities. All of the Girl Scouts who were there have earned their Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. It requires identifying an issue, building a team, and conducting a project that takes 80 hours and has a sustainable impact on your community. There were 17 of us young Girl Scouts; a few of the other girls even had the prestige of being some of the National Young Women of Distinction for 2013. It was awesome hearing about the other projects of some of the girls from all over the country and being able to show something for the organization besides Thin Mints and Tagalongs (notice those don’t need an explanation).

The most exciting person I felt I got to meet, besides the other girls, was Anna Maria Chavez. She is the National CEO of Girl Scouting and a very friendly, outgoing person. We got to meet her briefly on Wednesday night where she asked us each of our names, tried to remember them, and chatted for a few minutes. The Girl Scout organization seemed to be embodied within her and she is clearly well spoken, as shown at the breakfast where she talked multiple times. It was obvious that she believes the girls run the organization as she kept repeating “These are my bosses!” in reference to the Gold Award Recipients in the room. The picture above is of both of us and she even fulfilled my request to hold up a #defineperfect sign!

Anyway, it is needless to say that this trip to Washington D.C. was absolutely eye-opening. After the breakfast we went on a tour of the Capitol Building and said our goodbyes to the other girls.

And if you are interested in buying a commemorative coin, you can find them on here.



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