My name is Courtney Shelton and I am trying to earn my Gold Award in Girl Scouting.

Of the many ways that you can earn a Gold Award, I decided an internet movement was most comfortable for me and it is fairly relevant to our society full of smart phones and uploading our entire lives to the internet.

The problem that I want to tackle in the world? People who feel the need to fit molds created for them by society, the people they associate with, or themselves. I want to redefine the word “perfect” so that instead of being some unattainable label, it is something that people can use to describe things that may not be flawless but are exactly the way they should be.

Of course, the first step is to #defineperfect. In the process, maybe we will define confident, bold, and optimistic as words that anyone can be with a change in mindset, not just the “lucky few” that were born with those traits.

Hopefully throughout the lifespan of this blog, as well as the use of #defineperfect on Twitter and Instagram, there can be just enough people making a conscious effort to encourage others that many people can feel like they are involved in something positive and enjoyable. The blog will feature stories submitted by anyone who wants to share inspiration, as well as photographs, sketches, and possibly some personal experiences on my part.

Every single person has some positive quality worth mentioning.

So why wait to do it?


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