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You Are Perfect.

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Every time a bell rings…

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”   It’s a Wonderful Life

During the entire month of December, bells are ringing everywhere.

On your home decorations

Surely you have something in your house that jingles when you put up your holiday decorations. Maybe it is an ornament for your tree. Maybe it is a bell hanging on your front door. Perhaps what is jingling in your home is something that is around all the time like your cat’s collar or a wind chime out front that your grandmother gave you.

Listening to music

Church choirs, children’s choirs, and the radio station that plays Christmas music all feature bells at this time of year. It is a wonder there aren’t always bells in the background of popular songs. I wish Katy Perry’s music sounded more like a sleigh ride.

Out front of every store

The Salvation Army. Whether it is a volunteer or a paid employee, those people stand out there for the sake of helping out other people. And while they don’t say anything, they aren’t silent. They ring a bell. As soon as you get out of your car you can hear the bell ringing and can already picture someone standing there wearing a Santa hat and something red before you even see the person in real life. Maybe you don’t carry cash so it doesn’t even cross your mind that they are asking you (even without words) to contribute.

Bells are everywhere this time of year.

It really is some sort of clever subliminal message to give. That is what the entire Christmas season is all about! There are so many visuals that can go with a bell ringing. Whether it is a “sleigh ride together” or that quote from It’s a Wonderful Life (“Teacher said that every time a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings.”), bells jingling remind us of this very season and generally of joy and the warmth of family and fireplaces. Imaginary elves wear bells on the end of their hats as they work their jobs of serving the young girls and boys who are on the “nice list.”

You may think that the soundtrack to the Christmas season is bad and repetitive Christmas music, the ring of a cash register opening, or the alarm to inform of a preheated oven to bake reindeer-shaped cookies. You are only slightly misinformed.

The true sound of the holidays is that bell. The one that you may not realize how often you hear it. Just remember: Life is grand and the bell is one that is calling to you specifically. Let it be a reminder that you are perfect.

Today’s challenge: Next time you hear a bell, tell someone that they are perfect and give them a reason why. 🙂




This is how I #defineperfect.

When a litter of kittens was born in my laundry room when I was around 10 years old, I honestly don’t what happened or what their names were but I do remember noticing that they had very small tails. Tiny! More narrow than a shoe lace and shorter than the average french fry. Kittens also have heads that are way too big for their bodies, which I guess is something typical of most baby animals. Anatomically perfect? No. Perfect in an undeniably cute way? Yes. This is sound logic you are arguing with. 

Kittens are playful and innocent and the things they do that displease us are usually because of their playful innocence. They usually need a cause in order to fight with another cat. The arrogance that cats hold and the pride that swells up inside of them when they catch a bird is not used against anyone else, just used for their own self-esteem.

However, people are not kittens. There are certain primitive habits that kittens hold that humans have outgrown. For example: consumption of food. People have a much more structured way of eating than cats (unless you eat with your face after pushing it around with your nose and only eat one ingredient at a time). Or: letting the weak cats fend for themselves. That’s not something we do. People who need help can get it and a lot less humans get left behind than cats and kittens.

So in that case, today’s challenge: Socially, be more like a kitten. Logically, recognize every person for the human that they are. 🙂

Old Christmas Returned

Today it is very grey outside. I have managed to find beauty in this weather but only when I am wearing a jacket or I’m indoors.

I found this poem in a Christmas book I have.

Old Christmas Returned

unknown author

All you that to feasting and mirth are inclined,

Come, here is good news for to pleasure your mind.

Old Christmas is come for to keep open house,

He scorns to be guilty of starving a mouse:

Then come, boys, and welcome for diet the chief,

Plum pudding, goose, capon, minced pies, and roast beef.


The holly and ivy about the walls wind

And show that we ought to our neighbors be kind,

Inviting each other for pastime and sport,

And where we best fare, there we do most resort;

We fail not of victuals, and that of the chief,

Plum pudding, goose, capon, minced pies, and roast beef.


All travelers, as they do pass on their way,

At gentlemen’s halls are invited to stay,

Themselves to refresh, and their horses to rest,

Since that he must be Old Christmas’s guest;

Nay, the poor shall not want, but have for relief,
Plum pudding, goose, capon, minced pies, and roast beef.

Today’s challenge: Offer something to another that they need. 🙂

Self Reflection Survey

Time to start sharing about yourselves! Email courtney.define.perfect@gmail.com.

For data collection purposes, I am requesting that as many people as possible fill out this survey.

It takes one minute and you will be contributing to results that I will post in about a month!


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One compliment per person per day.

My intention is to get people involved with something that will make them feel more positive about themselves.

Not everyone who has bad days needs to be part of a rehab center or some sort of online group that sends them encouraging and cheesy emails… I want people to see the cheesiness for themselves, in real life.

The goal: That everyone receives a compliment every day.

Why? Because stress is a big deal in everyday life for EVERYone and there is a constant pressure for people to feel perfect. So rather than wait for everyone to change themselves into perfection, perfection should be redefined to fit everyone’s needs.

I really want this to happen. And I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of this falling flat and there being no way of measuring the success of this effort of “one compliment a day.”

The way that I have come up with for measuring success is through the hashtag “defineperfect” on Instagram and Twitter.  It is the most convenient way to spread the happiness and it is very simple. You are already willing to take a picture of your breakfast and post it, you can take a picture of your best friend or your favorite thinking place with the caption “this is how I #defineperfect.” What makes you smile? Post about that. If you thought of something immediately, that’s what you need to be tweeting about it in the next 5 minutes. Give the #ifollowback a rest and do something that appears shallow on the surface but you intend to be deeper.

This is meant for literally everyone, in every demographic. Girls and boys. Young and old.

There will be more specific goals to come. Let someone know they are valuable to you, and don’t be so concerned with the response or how you come off.