Poll #1 Results

Tonight, to finish the online poll of the question “Who do you value most?” Nikki and I went downtown to some of the locally owned businesses and talked to a few people on the street.

Since we were also passing out flyers encouraging people to post pictures of friends on Instagram, there were only 5 people that we actually got a chance to poll since apparently my brain was bigger than my bravery tonight.

Who do you value most?

  • My mom (responded three times)
  • Myself
  • Friends and Family


Keep in mind that I didn’t give any of these people multiple choice options and that three of the five independently answered that their mom was who they valued most. Two of those three were homeless. Maybe I just sometimes forget how important moms or mother-figures are in life because I know for certain that I get fed up with my mom a lot of the time.

The other question that I plan on asking with each poll is how do you define perfect?

Here are the responses I got:

  • “As long as you’re being you, you’re perfect.”
  • “I try not to. I kind of avoid that. I don’t think there is a perfect.”
  • “I don’t think there’s one way to define it. We define perfect in other people. There could be one person who is perfect to you.”


The last response was my favorite because it is exactly the message that we can spread with this project. We define perfect in other people. So let them know that they are your standard of perfect so they will realize that they really are.

#defineperfect. This is something we can do every day.


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